Firewood NZ is a nationwide organisation that has the goal of supplying all New Zealanders with the best wood for sale at the best possible price. We take the work and worry from buying your winter heating and getting your firewood delivered. We work closely with only the best suppliers across New Zealand and then offer you the best rate for fire wood delivered in your region.

No risk Fire wood buying

We take the risk out of your fire wood purchase because we only pay the supplier once you are 100% satisfied with your wood for home heating. We promise that all our product delivered is dry, if your fire wood arrives wet contact us and we’ll ensure it is redelivered dry. No need to negotiate with the deliverers. 

What is the best wood for your fire?

This really depends on what type of fireplace you have, what type of fires you enjoy and what firewood price you want to pay. The best wood for firewood is the hardwoods such as Gum, Manuka Firewood and Wattle as they burn slower and longer, hardwoods are also the most expensive. However, softwoods such as pine, poplar and willow are great for starting fires with.

Firewood NZ recommends to select burning fire wood that is a mixture of softwood to start the fire, followed by a hard wood which will slow down burning and provide maximum warmth output. A mixture that works well and is very popular in New Zealand is pine and Tea Tree firewood.

Firewood Suppliers

There are suppliers of all across New Zealand and it is these suppliers that Firewood NZ works with to ensure you get the best home heating material for sale and the best available price in your area.

However, if you would like to undertake supplier research around who can deliver to your area and at what price - we have created a firewood supplier directory.